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Episode 108:    Coffee Dreams Basketball Goals

Episode 108: Coffee Dreams Basketball Goals

November 29, 2021

Jussy sits down with local man Henry Rider, basketball team member for the Fraser Coasters Wheelchair Basketball.  Henry lives a very full and busy life with his 9 year career with basketball.  It doesn't stop there, Henry is passionate about growing coffee and has embarked on a new interest to grow vegetables to ensure his family is self sufficient.  

Henry is living life to the fullest and you can easily forget he has cerebral palsy.  He lives such an interesting and positive life that the disability truly disappears.  

Enjoy this podcast and support Henry's team the Fraser Coasters Website.

Episode 107  Making Music Accessible

Episode 107 Making Music Accessible

November 28, 2021

Jussy meets up with professional musician, Sah Ghee at the Outreach Doctors & Unicopia - Disability & Aged Care Service Provider sponsored Hervey Bay event.   With a background in youth work, Sah recognised during a visit the the region there was a high suicide rate for young people, a shortage of engaging activities & high level of mental health issues.  Combining his background in youth and community work, his passional for helping others and his Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, Sah brings a welcoming & inspiring environment, which is open to engaging with anyone interested in developing any level of skill in music.

Sah Ghee Singer/Songwriter Sah is an Indigenous live performer of Torres Strait and Aboriginal descent. He has 20 years experience in performing and touring, not only in Australia but overseas as well. Sah runs cultural workshops and mentorships for up-and-coming Australian artists of all ages. [Galbiri Voices | State Library Of Queensland (slq.qld.gov.au)]


Episode 106:    More to this Saddler

Episode 106: More to this Saddler

July 25, 2021

Jussy chats with Kingstons Rural Supplies Tinana Resident Saddler, Gary Buzzer.  Podcasts are always unscripted and pretty much unplanned, so there is always the element of surprise in how the conversation will go.  This chat was no different.  I learned that Ferret's may wear masks, goats may need chastity belts, whips are made by a whipmaker, not a saddler.   Take a listen to Gary "Buzzer" as he explains the dying trade of Saddlemaking.

Episode 105:   Klipdrift Safari - Tasting South Africa

Episode 105: Klipdrift Safari - Tasting South Africa

July 23, 2021

Jussy pops into the boutique market/deli run by Jacobson & Wilma "Klipdrift Safari" at 201 Bazaar Street, Maryborough Qld.  

Listen to the mouthwatering delicacies of this South African produce specialists have to offer.  

Check out the blog at www.everythingfrasercoast.com 

Episode 104:   River Heads Rocks Oh Yeah!

Episode 104: River Heads Rocks Oh Yeah!

March 8, 2021

The stage is set for an awesome inaugural River Heads Rocks concert - raising money for Multiple Sclerosis as well as bringing some major talent & international stars to the Fraser Coast.

Jussy chats with Suzanne Taylor, Owner of Fraser Coast RV Park & the creator of what is set to be an epic annual event.  If Suzanne's regular Open Mike gigs at the River Heads Community Hall are any insight into the success of music gigs here, then she is setting the stage, and the park, for a fantastic weekend of music, food & camping.

Buy your tickets now, limited camping & limited number of entry tickets to River Heads Rocks.  Follow the link to find out more.

Episode 103  Elephant Seal in the Workshop

Episode 103 Elephant Seal in the Workshop

January 11, 2021

The Fraser Coast is home to amazing & interesting people & their stories.  In this episode, Jussy chats with Geoffrey Lavers, a plumber by trade who crossed paths with Jussy when he attended her home to change her toilet suite.  A chance meeting which Jussy discovered an interesting past of Geoffrey when he spent two seasons working in Antarctica.  Geoffrey shares a few stories & experiences from this amazing time in his life.  So, does he manage to get the Elephant Seal out of the Workshop?

Episode 102    Next Door To The Dalai Lama

Episode 102 Next Door To The Dalai Lama

November 21, 2020

Jussy discovers how Kate Fallick stumbled into Yoga.  A passion she now shares with many in the Fraser Coast.  Her story is nothing short of amazing & her travels & experiences, yes living near the Dalai Lama in Northern India, where she traded a smoking habit for a Yoga addiction and has not looked back.  You will find Kate on Facebook where she shares her Yoga as Yoga with Kate-Chamundi.

Episode 101   What Next You Bastard

Episode 101 What Next You Bastard

November 19, 2020

Jussy meets Ken Hall.  A Fraser Coast local, international best selling author, long time resident of Point Vernon.   We discuss everything from turtles before Mon Repos, Ken's naughty short stories, life in Hervey Bay in the 1960s.   

Ken shares a piece of his story detailed in his series "What Next You Bastard.  Tales of childhood illness & being told throughout his life of only days to live, traumatic experiences defining Ken as an amazing man, husband, dad, grand dad and now great grand dad.  


Laugh and cry with us as you hear this podcast.

Episode 100: Tandora : A Very Special Fraser Coast

Episode 100: Tandora : A Very Special Fraser Coast

September 14, 2020

Welcome to our 100th Episode!  In this episode Jussy travels to Tandora, a 11,000 acre cattle stud situated on the Mary River between River Heads & Maryborough.   Jussy meets Mr Lindsay Titmarsh, 3rd generation owner of Tandora.  Lindsay was happy to share lots of knowledge about Tandora, the Mangroves & Fraser Coast changes during his lifetime.  To find out more about Tandora, check out my Everything Fraser coast Blog & visit Tandora .

Episode 99:  Akos Artist

Episode 99: Akos Artist

July 24, 2020

Jussy gets to know Fine Artist Akos.  Hungarian born, Australian Akos has settled with his family in the Fraser Coast.  Oh but it was not his art that brought Akos' family here originally!  Akos shares a bit of his story, from his European Art School Education, through to immigrating to Australia, to escape the starless skies & crowds of Central Europe, to find themselves in Melbourne.  It took a permanent residency opportunity a a large dash of fortune, that Akos & his family found themselves settling in for the long haul in the Fraser Coast, the most beautiful secret of Australia.  The Fraser Coast is somewhat of a Seachange paradise.......  enjoy hearing a little from Akos about his art & career.

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