Everything Fraser Coast

Episode 107 Making Music Accessible

November 28, 2021

Jussy meets up with professional musician, Sah Ghee at the Outreach Doctors & Unicopia - Disability & Aged Care Service Provider sponsored Hervey Bay event.   With a background in youth work, Sah recognised during a visit the the region there was a high suicide rate for young people, a shortage of engaging activities & high level of mental health issues.  Combining his background in youth and community work, his passional for helping others and his Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, Sah brings a welcoming & inspiring environment, which is open to engaging with anyone interested in developing any level of skill in music.

Sah Ghee Singer/Songwriter Sah is an Indigenous live performer of Torres Strait and Aboriginal descent. He has 20 years experience in performing and touring, not only in Australia but overseas as well. Sah runs cultural workshops and mentorships for up-and-coming Australian artists of all ages. [Galbiri Voices | State Library Of Queensland (slq.qld.gov.au)]


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