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Episode 88    Mouthwatering Namastay

Episode 88 Mouthwatering Namastay

May 3, 2020
Meet Jasen & Leeta, a couple of the owners of Namaste India, a delicous feast on your door step here in Eli Waters, the beautiful Mecca of the Fraser Coast. How lucky are we to have hand made delicacies all the way from Northern India prepared for us, and even delivered, with the touch of an App!
But if you don't like the App, visit the website found at https://www.namastayindia.com.au/menu
Take a listen to Jussy chat's to find out more about this delicious spot on the Fraser Coast.
Episode 87:    Don’t Touch My Big Red Button

Episode 87: Don’t Touch My Big Red Button

March 27, 2020

Jussy chats with Mandy McKay of Mandy Moo's Cleaning Crew & Jussy's pussy just couldn't sit quietly.  Michael, the rescue cat, found it comfortable to sit all over the mixer & brush up on the mike, but it didn't halter the conversation.   Then Mandy discloses all of the places she has been cleaning!  Oh No!  Not My Big Red Button!    Mandy, there are places you cannot clean!   All in good fun, a life hearted look a my awesome cleaning professional who is working to keep our home sanitised to avoid the Covid-19!

Episode 86:    Swimming with Narellan Pools

Episode 86: Swimming with Narellan Pools

March 24, 2020

Jussy chats with Narellan Pools which ends up being a bit of a laugh about the bum washers with high powered jets in her pool.  In all seriousness though, Jussy wanted to thank Narellan Pools for becoming a major sponsor for the epic MS Queensland Fundraiser 100Ks To Utopia.  You guys are awesome!  

Episode 85:    Where the Grass Is Greener

Episode 85: Where the Grass Is Greener

March 23, 2020

Jussy stumbles across Toogoom retiree Grant Mitchell on her search for Everything Fraser Coast - everything positive that is!  What started out as an adventure to learn about Dorper Sheep Farming, took an uexpected turn when she discovers Grant is an engineer & has developed a range of essential farm equipment for small farm needs.  Check out the chat, & visit www.greenpro.com.au to learn more about the equipment. 

Episode 84:    Active Aussies Pursuing Life

Episode 84: Active Aussies Pursuing Life

March 20, 2020

Jussy chats with Cat Gallaher.  Cat shares her story, from being in a career that paid the bills but didn't fill her heart, to a chance conversation which gave her a "light-bulb moment" which sent her life ona totally new path.  A sliding door moment where she made the conscious decision to change lanes.  Now looking back, there no mention of regret.  There is honesty in the challenges but you can hear her passion about what she does, how she helps others & how when you help, you are rewarded tenfold back.  Thank you so much Cat for sharing your story, so wonderful you call the Fraser Coast home.  Visit Active Aussies Facebook Page Here.

Episode 83:    Walking for Autism for love of her grandchildren-

Episode 83: Walking for Autism for love of her grandchildren-

March 20, 2020

This is one of those podcasts that are the reason why I do what I do. Today I (Jussy) met Cheryl Talbot for the first time.  She is a mother of 5 & a granda several times over as well.  She cares for 4 of her grandchildren, all who have autism.  Her story has moved me to walk with her, and you will too.  Thank you Cheryl for sharing a piece of your story.  See you on the 29th March 2020 at teh Fraser Coast's iconic Urangan Pier.  Donate.   Join us on 29th March details.

Episode 82:    Division 10 WADE

Episode 82: Division 10 WADE

March 15, 2020

Jussy hands the mike over (almost) TO #division10 candidate Alicia WADE.   The timer is set, Alicia has 5 minutes, only she didn't.  No preparation, we don't like to plan or prepare for these podcast sessions.  How did she go?  Did she crumple under the pressure?  Did she get mental blank....?  Did Jussy stop talking long enough to let her speak?   Have a listen.

Episode 81:    In the Saddle with Sue

Episode 81: In the Saddle with Sue

March 14, 2020

Jussy meets Coulston Lakes local Sue Sutcliffe to chat about Biggenden Endurance Riders Association & the endurance riding sport.  Lots of laughs & a beautiful, community minded lady, take a listen & enjoy.   

Thank you Sue Sutcliffe for helping us with our Fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis #100kstoutopia


Episode 80:    Experience Altitude Fraser Coast

Episode 80: Experience Altitude Fraser Coast

March 12, 2020

Jussy travels to Biggenden, lunching at the Coffee Possie, to meet up with local person Moira Thompson.  Jussy stumbled across Moira when listening to an episode of Queensland Weekender.  Moira has a lifelong history with Mt Walsh National Park & runs for over a decade Experience Altitude remote bushwalking & hiking - this is not a trail walk, this is navigation by Moira.  A bit of a giggle & great information to share about Mt Walsh and bush walking in the beautiful National Park.  Find Moira on Facebook here : Experience Altitude.

Episode 79:   Float Away To Calm

Episode 79: Float Away To Calm

March 5, 2020

Jussy chats with Fraser Coast business man who has started Float Therapy Hervey Bay.

Curiosity got the better of Jussy to find outmore about what exactly Float Therapy is.  You will find out everything thing you need to know & hear about who will benefit & what the benifits to mind & body are with this ancient form of therapy.