Everything Fraser Coast

Episode 94 Bird Sound Utopia

June 20, 2020

Sometimes the unexpected podcasts can be the most rewarding.  On my journey west in the Fraser Coast Region, I found myself staying overnight at the Utopia Environmental Reserve as the guest of Tony Bayliss & Fiona McDonald Bayliss.  What I didn't know about this adventure was that Tony is a passionate wildlife sound recordist, who will do this until he literally falls of his perch.  My chat with Tony only dipped a toe in an ocean of knowledge & experiences.  How fantastic for the Fraser Coast to have this knowledge within our very own region.  Listen To Tony share a bit about his seachange from London to Utopia (near the Mount Walsh National Park), in Queensland, Australia & discover how he has followed a childhood interest in birds to now travel the world recording rare & uncaptured audio moments for the national sound archives in Australia, UK & the USA.  To find out more about the Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group[ click link here.

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